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Funding Options

Funding Options

Field trips are an important part of a student’s education as an extension of the classroom and an opportunity for students to grow in an educational and engaging environment. We make our field trips affordable but understand many schools still need funding assistance.

Your county might have local County Foundations like those below that support educational needs – check there first!

Here are some additional resources that you could check into:

Chesapeake Bay Trust – Mini Grant Program for Environmental Education requests (applicable to our Chesapeake 101 Program)

Target Education Grants – Target awards K-12 schools nationwide grants up to $700 for art or reading projects. The application period is during the summer.

Fundraising Ideas – From Maryland Teacher’s Guide

SYTA Youth Scholarship Program – The SYTA Youth Foundation established the Road Scholarship program in 2002 to award funds to youth who, for various reasons, are unable to afford the cost of their group’s travel.

Destination Education by Watermark provides this information as a resource. We make no promises towards grant approval.

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