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Safety & Accessibility

Vessel Information:

Each of Watermark’s fleet of 12 US Coast Guard-inspected passenger vessels passes a USCG safety inspection annually.   View the video to the right to learn what to look for when taking a cruise.  

Life Jacket

Watermark Safety Related Information

Watermark has been awarded numerous US Coast Guard awards for Safety Inspection Excellence.

A demonstration of the location and use of PFD’s will occur before each cruise.

*In addition to the required PFD’s on board, a USCG-approved PFD for every elementary school child under 90 pounds will be on board. If needed, a special container of PFD’s is delivered to the vessel.

Safety Training of the Watermark Team

The Watermark team receives training and certifications as required by the U.S. Coast Guard.  Some of these training’s include fire on board, first-aid , CPR, man overboard, vessel security, and the prevention of slips, trips, and falls.

Miss Anne

Vessel Route (Float Plan)

Annapolis: Vessels normally depart from Annapolis City Dock, 1 Dock Street, and cruise through the protected waters of Annapolis Harbor and Severn River.

Baltimore: Vessels depart from the Finger Piers in the Inner Harbor by the Science Center on Light St, and cruise through the protected waters of the Inner Harbor and the Potapsco River. Cruises last 40-60 minutes and return to the same docking location. Vessels travel at speeds less than 10 knots.

Communication between Vessel and Shore (Port)

Consistent with USCG requirements, passenger counts are recorded on land for each cruise. At all times during the cruise, the wheelhouse is capable of immediate communications to and from USCG, as well as to and from Baltimore City Marine Police, the Annapolis Harbormaster, Department of Natural Resources Police, and Watermark management ashore.

Electronic Tracking

Catherine Marie, Raven, Lady Sarah, Cabaret II, Harbor Queen, and Annapolitan II are equipped with an automatic identify system (AIS) capable of tracking by USCG.

Weather Monitoring

Weather reports are monitored on an ongoing basis, including prior to departure. Watermark vessels have successfully passed all USCG stability testing for weather conditions normally encountered in the protected waters of the Potapsco and Severn Rivers, as well as the semi- protected waters of the Chesapeake Bay.

Weather conditions are monitored on frequencies appropriate to macro and micro Inner Harbor and Annapolis Harbor conditions. Monitoring may commence prior to sailing or during sailing depending on observed atmospheric stability or instability on the sailing date. If Watermark management makes a weather or other-related decision to cancel the cruise, a refund of the cruise fees is provided.

Water Taxi Captain

Harbor Queen Life Ring


Catherine Marie, Raven, Lady Sarah, Cabaret II, Harbor Queen, Annapolitan II, Miss Anne, and Severn Exposure are documented with the USCG, are authorized to carry passengers by the USCG as evidenced on their Certificates of Inspection, and all captains are licensed as vessel masters by the USCG for the size vessel operated by Watermark.

The following documents are required for all Watermark captains:

  • 100 ton license minimum
  • TWIC – Transportation Workers Identification Credential
  • Valid Medical Certificate
  • Marine Radio Permit

Watermark captains and crew members participate in random substance abuse testing and compliance with USCG guidance as to physical fitness. Watermark maintains a pool of trained captains, and only appropriately-licensed vessel masters may operate our vessels, per federal law. Scheduling occurs approximately three weeks ahead of the cruise and may change due to unexpected availability of the Captain.

Handicapped Accessibility

Most of our boats are handicapped and wheelchair accessible with the exception of Miss Anne (40 minute Spa Creek tours) and the Water Taxis. Not all restrooms are wheelchair accessible. Please contact our sales office at 410-268-7601 x100 to discuss any special needs or requests. We’re happy to discuss the accessibility of each vessel or tour in detail.

Handicapped parking information: Cars with handicapped license plates or with a current hang tag may park at a metered space for twice the allowed time at no charge. If you wish to remain in the spot, you must pay the meter rate and stay only the allotted time. Handicapped licensed cars may also park in the residential district for four hours.