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Chaperone Information

Chaperoning A Field Trip

Being a chaperone on your student’s field trip an important responsibility. Chaperones help the teacher maintain the school’s guidelines for student behavior and safety, as well as help shape their learning experience. Please discuss specific responsibilities, behavior expectations and preparations with your teacher. We have prepared this section to help you have a successful experience. Download our Chaperone Field Trip Planner (opens as PDF) for information on how to best prepare for field trip day – the following topics are important for you to know before your trip!

  • Transportation and parking – tours and cruises can start in different locations. Find directions and parking information here.
  • Review where your field trip will start and end with the teacher.
  • Be on time – and know what you will be doing.
  • What to wear, what to bring, what not to bring.
  • Review your responsibilities with the teacher
  • All information about your trip must come from your teacher for the school’s safety.
  • Plan to participate and have a great time.


Advice for Parents

  • Read all materials from the teacher.
  • We take your child’s privacy very seriously and do not provide information about your school’s trip to anyone other than the teacher or administrator.
  • Dress your child for the weather by reviewing weather sites specifically at their destination.
  • Pack light – your child should not bring unnecessary items
  • Classroom rules apply. Cell phones turned off. Photo OPS will be given while on tour.
  • Vessels and Captains are Coast Guard Certified, with safety equipment including life jackets. Crew and Guides go through intensive training every year to prepare for your child.
  • Be excited and interested in what they learned on their trip!
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