3 Reasons to Consider a Yacht For Your Wedding Venue

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Congratulations on your engagement! Now comes the excitement of planning your special day. Many couples start by choosing their wedding venue as the foundation for other details such as guest count, catering, and decor. Discover why a private, luxury yacht makes an incredible wedding venue.

1. Spectacular Water Views

Talk about a waterfront wedding! Our yachts provide an ever-changing, dynamic backdrop for your nuptials. From the interior cabins to the open-air decks, you will be surrounded by spectacular water views. With the Chesapeake Bay as your backdrop, the need for decorations is minimal. That means one less thing to worry about!

Not to mention, your wedding photos will be incredible! Visit our Instagram for inspiration.

2. Dynamic Space

Our yachts provide a dynamic space to transition seamlessly from each of your wedding events. Many couples choose to have their full wedding itinerary on the yacht. A popular combination is a dockside ceremony on the upper, open-air deck followed by a seated dinner on the main deck, and then a full-boat reception. In that case, vendors and guests only have one destination, so it is a great way to simplify transportation and logistics.

On the other hand, couples that have already chosen their ceremony venue will host other wedding events on the yachts. For example, receptions, bridal showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, welcome brunches, and rehearsal dinners. Our vessels offer an incredible venue for any occasion,  so there is always a way to incorporate a cruise!

We have four large, luxury yachts in our fleet. Each one has a different personality and feel to it. The varied passenger capacities allow up to 225 guests on our largest vessel and as few as you would like on any of the vessels. Our Event Specialists know the spaces inside and out. They will help you choose the best boat for your vision, budget, and guest count.

3. Romantic Atmosphere

Being on the water, watching the sunset, and having the boat all to yourself add to the romantic atmosphere of the yachts. Most importantly, the vessel is all yours, so it is a totally private space. Many couples capture the most magical photos by timing events around sunset. Enjoy the company of your guests downstairs, and then take to the top deck at golden hour for a special moment with your new spouse. That will be a memory you will never forget!

A wedding on a yacht is certainly a refreshing alternative. In short, the backdrop is spectacular, the vessels are unique, flexible venues for any event, and they offer a romantic atmosphere for your celebrations. Check out more reasons to charter a yacht, here. Have questions? Click the button below to contact our Event Specialists. They will answer your questions, walk you through the vessels, and take you through each step of the process.

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