yacht overlooking a sunset on the Chesapeake Bay

Youth Education

Making Our Mark

Watermark is much more than a local visitor attraction

Thousands of local school children take field trips aboard the Harbor Queen every year to learn about the Chesapeake Bay and our rich Maryland history. Watermark believes in teaching students preservation outside of the classroom.

Watermark offers several educational and hands-on STEM programs for our students. Each of the programs encourage literacy about the Chesapeake Bay and its ecology. Watermark is dedicated to educating our students about our region, which is why local schools have relied on Watermark for over 47 years.

Off of the boat, Watermark continues to educate students on the rich history of Maryland. Whether it’s traveling back in time to the founding of Maryland, visiting the State Capital, or immersing in the sights of the Naval Academy, students trace the footsteps of heroes outside of the classroom.

Watermark. Making our mark.

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