Micro Charters

Meet the Micro Charter!

They are a personal way to enjoy a private cruise. Smaller in group size, smaller in vessel size, smaller in duration, but just as amazing in experience!

Why a Micro Charter?

We noticed that not all our guests are seeking large yachts for large events. Similarly, not all our guests are seeking a structured, public cruise. So, we designed the Micro Charter as a special opportunity to experience a cross between our private charters and public cruises.

  • They are a fantastic way to get out on the water for more casual events and gatherings.
  • But we’ve also seen weddings held on our Water Taxi and engagements on Miss Anne, so they don’t have to be casual either!
  • They can be a prelude or conclusion to an event, or the event itself!
  • The great thing about our Micro Charters is that they are customizable to make sure your experience is tailored to your specific needs.
  • They offer a private, outdoors, open-air, refreshing, and relaxing experience¬†for you and your family or close friends.

Miss Anne 2

Miss Anne Selections

40-Minute Buyout: Enjoy our narrated Spa Creek Tour with the vessel all to yourself.

2-Hour Charter: This is a great “not too long, not too short” way to get out on the water with a small group.

3-4 Hour Charter with a stop: Take a leisurely cruise to and from the Severn Inn or Cantler’s. Stop for a nice meal and hop back on to continue your cruise.

Available Monday-Friday. Learn more about Miss Anne here.

BYOB Creek Cruise

BYOB Creek Cruise on the Water Taxi

Kick off a bachelor(ette) party, head to an evening out, create your own happy hour after work, or just enjoy the beautiful scenery. Whatever the occasion, bring your own drinks and take a quick and fun cruise through Spa Creek.

This hour long private cruise is available Sunday-Friday.

Annapolitan II

Take a Micro Charter aboard Annapolitan II in Baltimore for up to 2 hours. She is a bit larger than Miss Anne, so there’s plenty of room to spread out. Annapolitan II is a great option for birthday parties, bachelor(ette) parties, or any kind of celebration! Don’t forget to ask about our bar options!

Available Sunday-Friday. Learn more about Annapolitan II here.

All of our Micro Charters are available by phone reservation only.

Give us a call for more information, rates, and scheduling: 410-268-7601 x 100.