Green Efforts by Watermark

Watermark’s Green Efforts

In recent years, Watermark has made conscious efforts to reduce our footprint and grow awareness of the importance of going green.

Our strong efforts began to bear its fruits in 2010, when Watermark gained the title of a Passenger Vessel Association (PVA) Green Waters Business. PVA Waters is an environmental stewardship program to conserve, protect and preserve the natural environment through green business practices set forth by the Passenger Vessel Association.

The following practices which account for our efforts are just a few that define us a PVA Green Waters Business are only a small percentage of our efforts. These practices include:

  • Low flow toilets on vessels
  • Native plants landscaping
  • Paperless Training courses
  • Direct Deposit of paychecks
  • Emailed document share practices
  • Online reservations and ticketing to reduce paper tickets
  • Power down offices at COB
  • Fuel conserving policies managed by vessel RPM control
  • CFL Lighting
  • Compliance with EPA’s Vessel General Permit
  • Office paperwork recycling program
  • Eco-Shredder for all outdated paperwork and cardboard
  • Recycle the oil used by our vessels
  • Recycle the anti-freeze used by our vessels
  • Recycle scrap metal
  • Supply reusable Water Canisters with water coolers for all of our employees
  • For the summer of 2019, Watermark is taking its stance on plastic straws to the next level. We have transitioned to paper straws for the summer of 2019. Proudly going green to make the Bay blue.

Environmental & Educational Partners

In addition to PVA Waters, Watermark is also a proud Founding One Hundred Sponsor of Annapolis Green. Annapolis Green fills a unique need, connecting the community by communicating an environmental message that is meaningful, positive and motivational, engaging residents, businesses, non-profits, government agencies, and visitors.

The Annapolis Maritime Museum & Park is dedicated to preserving and commemorating the maritime heritage of Annapolis and the neighboring waters of the Chesapeake Bay. Each Spring, the Museum brings Anne Arundel County students on board Harbor Queen to drop harvested oysters into the Bay. Watermark and the Museum have also developed several educational hands-on STEM programs including an ECOTour, Chesapeake 101 and Critter Cruise. The programs encourage literacy about the Bay and its ecology.

In Baltimore, Watermark partners with the National Aquarium offering an Aquatic Adventures package that includes time for students and groups to explore the Aquarium and then connect their learnings to the local waters on a Baltimore Harbor Cruise.