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The Spirited Ghost Guides of Annapolis

Take a Special Historic Hauntings tour with our ghost tour guides and you’re guaranteed to meet a spooky spirit! And not one that lingers in the mist either; your guide herself may have a ghostly presence, a keen intuition or a witchy past. Read on to learn about some of the souls ready to take you on a ghost tour…

“Funeral” Fred

Fred is a jack of all trades and most experienced with d-e-a-t-h. As a part-time employee of a local funeral home, he picks up dead bodies from hospitals, homes and accident sites. He helps prepare them for church services and burial. His close proximity to the dead and death has given him such a heightened awareness to the beyond, he continuously feels the presence of his late wife.


Trouble finds Mercy wherever she goes. As a mischievous indentured servant to Master Paca, she’s always having time added to her indenture. So much mischief, in fact, that Mercy is a nickname. So often do her fellow servants say, “Lord have mercy” or “Have mercy on her soul,” that her given name of Patsy has fallen by wayside in favor of Mercy. Through her role as a gardener, she is very familiar with herbs and their medicinal ways. Some mistake her knowledge of mixing potions, powders and teas with witchy ways. Lord have mercy.


Mr. Williams

As the Ship Surgeon of HMS Demise, a very small Royal Navy fighting shop that patrols the Chesapeake Bay waters for pirates, Mr. William’s is not afraid to remove a leg or two! Judging by his blood splattered apron, the crew under his care are quite a sick bunch. Mr. Williams is a local and a civilian, familiar with the stories of Annapolis, its persons and its spirits.

Squire Richard

As a 21st century tour guide, Squire Richard is privy to centuries of tales – including modern day experiences – that prove Annapolis is one of the most haunted towns in all of America. Squire Richard is as familiar with the life and times of a mid-18th century downtrodden indentured servant with an ear for gossip as he is with the paranormal experiences reported in the Maryland Gazette, Evening Capital and Capital newspapers. His pet rat serves as devoted sidekick for all his tours.

Mistress Laura

Mistress Laura has the gifts of a medium, an unusual ability to sense people and events that are not manifested in real life. She comforts unfortunate souls with restless spirits, people who’ve passed on without proper burial and those yearning for closure. Don’t be afraid of Mistress Laura’s gift; instead join her as she passes along comfort to the lost souls roaming the streets of Annapolis.

Find the spirits and some fun on a Special Historic Hauntings tour with one of the spooks listed above or one of their friendly cohorts.