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The Queen of All Food Drives Brings in Donations

As a result of the tragic fire at the Annapolis Yacht Club on Saturday, December 12th, 2015, the Eastport Yacht Club Lights Parade was cancelled. With some boats still lit up and ready to cruise the waterways -- in part, to show their support -- the decision was made to host "The Queen of All Food Drives" fundraiser on Harbor Queen as planned. A team of Watermark employees volunteered their time earlier in the week to decorate Harbor Queen in lighted and holiday glory! Crew members and tour guides brought in their extra holiday lights, inflatables and festive knick knacks and pitched in their time to turn Queen into a festive atmosphere worthy of the annual Lights Parade.

Even without an official parade, the event on Harbor Queen brought in a record amount of donations! Through donations from guests who boarded Harbor Queen, a portion of bar proceeds and an additional donation from Watermark from Water Taxi service that evening, $2,096.65 and 315 pounds of food were donated to the Food Bank of Anne Arundel County. The Food Bank estimated the cash donation to be the equivalent of 14,032 pounds of food!

This fateful day had the best weather of all years past, but the Annapolis Yacht Club Fire and subsequent cancellation within an hour of the parade diverted people planning to come. The crowds at City Dock were thick nevertheless and very patient as some of the decorated boats still cruised and displayed their spirit. Cruising started around 6:15 and ran sporadically throughout the evening. The Chesapeake Revelers, a group of dedicated performers from the Chesapeake Theater Company and Chesapeake Youth Players, performed Victorian carols in period dress.

All in all it was a festive evening with around 250 guests stepping aboard Harbor Queen to listen to the carols, make a donation to the Food Bank and enjoy the lights on Harbor Queen and around Spa Creek. Thank you to the community for supporting our annual event! It's a wonderful way for Harbor Queen and Watermark to end out the year.

Learn More About the Food Bank of Anne Arundel County on their website.

Top Photo of Harbor Queen by John Needham.