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Partner Spotlight: Waterfront Partnership


For this month’s Partner Spotlight we’re cruising to Baltimore and writing about the Waterfront Partnership. Did you know there are free fitness classes along the Baltimore waterfront? Did you know Mr. Trash Wheel has collected over 400 tons of trash from the Baltimore Harbor since May 2014? You can thank the Waterfront Partnership for those initiatives and more. Dedicated to a healthy and active waterfront, this non-profit organization works to create a welcoming waterfront in Baltimore – one of the city’s biggest assets. And they’re bold! In 2009, the Waterfront Partnership set the goal to make the Inner Harbor swimmable and fishable by 2020.

The popular Mr. Trash Wheel is one of the steps to a healthier harbor. Oysters are another step. Through the Great Baltimore Oyster Partnership, baby oysters are grown at designated oyster locations in Baltimore's Inner Harbor, October through June. After they mature, they are taken to a protected oyster sanctuary in the Patapsco River. (In Annapolis, the Annapolis Maritime Museum conducts a similar program with the help of our boat, Harbor Queen, to drop the oysters!) Oysters have an amazing ability to filter pollution out of the water...a full grown oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water a day! Additionally, they plant floating wetlands and conduct water quality monitoring.

Along the promenade surrounding Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, you’ll find members of the organization’s Clean, Green, Hospitality and Safety teams working to keep the promenade a clean and welcoming place. The Waterfront Partnership also hosts Waterfront Behind the Scenes, a networking series that literally takes you behind the scenes to discover and learn about things you never even knew were happening or even possible at our own Harbor. In June, members of the Watermark team will attend the Behind the Scenes event onboard the USS Constellation!

We’re proud to work alongside the Waterfront Partnership from our spot at the Baltimore Finger Piers and are grateful to have them to host events, care for waterfront parks and guide Baltimore on a path to a cleaner, healthier future. No one loves the water more than us…and perhaps the Waterfront Partnership!

Learn more about the Waterfront Partnership on their website and their facebook page.

Annapolitan II cruising the waterways of Baltimore. Photo by Sabrina Raymond. Mr. Trash Wheel photo courtesy of the Waterfront Partnership.