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Partner Spotlight: Historic Annapolis

We continue our "Partner Spotlight" series this month with a profile on our partners, Historic Annapolis. Annapolis' historic district is a museum without walls and our friends at Historic Annapolis play a huge part in that. Watermark and Historic Annapolis have a common goal to use our past and the city's rich legacy to enrich our present day and future. Their mission is to preserve and protect the historic places, objects and stories of Maryland’s capital city, and provide engaging experiences that connect people to the area’s diverse heritage. Since 1952 Historic Annapolis has led the way in preserving the city's architectural legacy and unique historic character for future generations and for residents and visitors today. Annapolis is a revitalization success story; the foundation has been instrumental in saving nearly 400 historic buildings in Annapolis. Historic Annapolis also researches, chronicles and interprets the many facets of Annapolis’s diverse history. They make that history accessible and enjoyable through educational opportunities and public programs.

Historic Annapolis offers many ways to explore history in Annapolis. The current exhibit at the Historic Annapolis Museum and Store is Freedom Bound: Runaways of the Chesapeake telling the stories of nine servants and slaves who tried to escape from forced servitude between 1728 and 1864. Freedom Bound continues in Historic Annapolis' Waterfront Warehouse. Opening in Spring 2017 -- with much anticipation -- is A History of Annapolis in 99 Objects. The unprecedented exhibit will relate stories about Maryland’s capital city using artifacts in the collection of Historic Annapolis or loaned by other institutions or individuals through a carefully curated presentation of...99 objects! The exhibit will be displayed in multiple places downtown. The objects were chosen through a nomination process that was open to the public. Hogshead is Historic Annapolis' living history museum featuring Colonial attired volunteers and the opportunity to see and handle authentic and reproduction artifacts. Visitors learn what life was like for the “lower and middling sort” in early Maryland. Students on field trips with Destination Education by Watermark can enjoy visits to Hogshead for the hands on learning experience it provides. Several Watermark tour guides are also Hogshead volunteers!

Historic Annapolis’s seminal project was restoring and opening the grand colonial home and garden of William Paca, a Signer of the Declaration of Independence. Taking our guests on a tour of the William Paca House and Garden is another way we at Watermark partner with Historic Annapolis. Many of our field trip students enjoy the Colonial kitchen tour inside the Paca House. For many years, the Paca House -- widely accepted as haunted -- welcomed our Special Historic Hauntings ghost tour guests during the month of October. Last year we let the Paca House spirits and its sick room have a rest and ventured into the James Brice House instead. Newly under the helm of Historic Annapolis, the 2015 Special Historic Hauntings tour marked one of the first times members of the public were able to go inside the Brice House, the most haunted house in Annapolis. A stunning example of architecture, the Brice House will serve as the main display area of the 99 Objects exhibit.

Later this month, we will debut our newest partnership with Historic Annapolis: ArchiTrex! This new architecture tour will make its launch during Maryland Day weekend. Join us, Spire Architecture and Historic Annapolis for a complimentary tour as we celebrate Maryland and our newest offering.

Learn more about Historic Annapolis on their website.

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