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An Ode to the Dog Days of Summer

"Thor is a frequent cruiser and always has a great time. The crew give him special attention each time we are aboard. He gets excited when we pull into the dock. He knows what is coming. Thank you!"

We received that message on facebook from Shirley on behalf of her pup Thor (pictured to the right). It made us think about the many dogs who have cruised with us this summer. Dogs deserve to cruise too! Just ask Ashton, an adorable poodle mix who recently cruised with us underneath the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. In all seriousness, dogs enjoy getting out on the water because it is cooler than on land and they enjoy the breeze. For many of our Captains and crew members, greeting the dogs on our boats is a perk of their job.

Downtown Annapolis is one of the most pet friendly places around with restaurants offering doggie menus and many shops providing water dishes and bowls of treats on their front sidewalks. We love contributing to the dog friendly atmosphere in Annapolis by taking them out on the water with their humans. The Baltimore Inner Harbor is pet friendly too and we have our fair share of doggie pawsengers onboard Annapolitan II.

One of our favorite special events of the summer, the Dog Days of Summer Cruise, is a partnership with the SPCA of Anne Arundel County. The event, now in its 4th year, raises money for the local SPCA. This year's cruise went out a couple weeks ago and it's just about the cutest cruise you can imagine! We typically end up with almost as many dogs as people on the cruise. The SPCA fills up baby pools on Harbor Queen's top deck so the water-loving pups can take a dip. And if a pool is unoccupied, hot dogs -- the food kind! -- get tossed into the water for bobbing.

We even accept dogs on the Annapolis Water Taxi! Just don't be surprised if members of our team ask to snuggle your pup.

And now, for the real purpose of this post, dog photos! Below, enjoy photos from the 4th Annual Dog Days of Summer Cruise. Photos by Sabrina Raymond.