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Ghost Hunting in October


The month of October is a stand-out month in downtown Annapolis. The Boat Shows come to town and, also, the ghosts come out to play! We offer Annapolis ghost tours all year long (April-October) but in October, we take it up a couple notches and bring our guests inside historic – and often haunted – homes for Special Historic Hauntings. This year we’re thrilled to share we are stepping inside the historic Sands House. The Sands House is one of the oldest and most significant frame houses in Annapolis. During most of its history it was a private residence and rarely open to the public.

Creep around this centuries old home in the dark and try not to get lost in its cavernous maze-like floor plan. Your spirit guide will lead by candlelight and share the history of the home (it was built between 1680-1700!). All the while you’ll be invited to look out for spirits and perhaps leave with a ghost story of your own. Not convinced? Read this firsthand account from our recent guest Pamela Williams, on a Historic Ghost Walk to celebrate her 49th birthday:

“What happened was…we went on the tour for my 49th birthday and once the tour was finished I was curious about the tale that had happened at the Maryland Inn. So I went across the street from the cemetery to do a little ghost hunting of my own. My husband Gary was with me. He waited at the bottom of the stairs while I went around the back end of the Maryland Inn. I went up the stairs and I pulled on that side door it was locked. But to be honest with you it felt like it was going to open. So I continued to pull on it but still it did not open. I peeped in the windows and everything looked normal and clear. I was captivated by the beautiful interior of the inside of the hotel.

Like I said, the window was clear just as if someone had washed it. But experiences with Ghost Hunter friends of mine have taught me always take pictures. No matter what it is or where it is, take pictures. Especially take pictures of windows so that's what I did all night! I just took pictures of everything that had windows. To my surprise I saw all of these spirits in my photos including one that looks particularly like a woman with some type of hat or Bridal piece on the top of her head. I captured what looks like a butterfly in the stairway and at the very top of the stairs there looks like there's a man standing at the top of the stairs. (photo below) I immediately closed my cell phone, took a picture of my husband standing at the bottom of the stairs waiting for me and I ran down the stairs. I did not do any further research which I regret now.

While on the tour, I took a photo of the windows at the Warehouse (photo below). If you look closely at the top window, you will see a skeleton hand hanging. It’s as though something was up there watching us while we were outside. It's a good thing the tour guide, Mistress Lizbeth said we were not allowed to go into the building! She was a wonderful guide and very nice. I will return next month and pursue even greater.”

~Pamela Williams on her 49th birthday that she will never forget


If you’d like to chase your own spirited pursuits, sign up for a Special Historic Hauntings tour in October! This is a truly unique opportunity to go inside the Sands House, a historic gem in Maryland. We’ll share our favorite ghost tales and encourage you to keep a close eye out for your own paranormal experiences while on tour!

Details for Special Historic Hauntings:

Fridays & Saturdays at 7:30 & 8:00 pm
Adults $22/ Children 3-11 $14, Free 2 & Under
Advanced reservations recommend.

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