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​Company Picnics That Bring Your Team Together in a Fun Way

Company picnics should reward your team and bring them together. The best way to accomplish this? Make it fun! Throw in a team building aspect, add in some light competition, set a theme…or throw all of that out the window and just set the goal for a relaxed atmosphere for colleagues to socialize together and grow as teammates. We’re not shy about throwing parties at Watermark so here are some of our ideas for Company Picnics that will leave your team feeling happy, rewarded and refreshed:

Give Back Together

Undertaking volunteer work as a team is a great to bond and give back to your local community. Whether it be sorting food at the food bank, painting murals at a school or planning a companywide fundraiser, volunteering is a nice choice for teambuilding. Allow employees to nominate charities of their choice and hold an informal voting session to select the cause. For the following year, choose a new charity to support.

Team Building Activity

Know your team when choosing a team building activity. Not everyone is up for a big physical challenge like paintballing or an obstacle course but maybe your team is! And if that’s not quite your team’s idea of fun, think outside the box. Area museums and heritage areas might offer team building activities that challenge the mind and encourage teamwork but go easy on the physical side of things. Team building activities on the “lighter” side of things can take place anywhere. So if you’re a camaraderie whiz, focus on choosing a venue you love and bring your own activities along.

Have a Cook Off

Set a food theme and cook up some light competition! An annual tradition here at Watermark is the “Watermark Wing Ding.” All of our employees gather together bringing their favorite type of chicken wings to share and everyone digs in. It’s the type of party where salads are frowned upon and the competition over who brought the best wings spices things up. We boil fresh local corn and one year we even had a homemade Harbor Queen piñata. With a lot of seasonal employees on our team, Wing Ding is a great chance for everyone to meet and share a fun meal together.

Go Yachting

We might be a little biased (okay, a lot!) but taking a yacht out for a company picnic is easily one of the most fun and original things you can do with your team. It’s why we love what we do…and why we host our own events on our yachts! Our waterways and beautiful region set the scene and that is hard to beat! The contrast of Baltimore’s working port and city vibe to Annapolis’ quainter and residential waterfronts mean you might even have to plan a charter out of both ports so your team can experience it all. It’s a company picnic and a reward all in one. Who doesn’t want to spend the afternoon on a yacht?

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