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Behind the Scenes: Captain Gatherings

Each month our Captains get together for educational opportunities with each gathering having a different theme and topic for discussion. These evening gatherings usually feature an expert in their field and some delicious food to boot. So far this summer, our Captains have enjoyed presentations by experts on proper handling and care of the American flag, watched a not yet released movie about the development of the Maritime Republic of Eastport called “Eastport 21403” at the Boatyard Bar & Grill, visited the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s headquarters and took part in a Sun Sense presentation with local dermatologists.

Learning at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation

The team at the Chesapeake Bay foundation hosted a presentation on the health of the Bay. Alice Christman of CBF began with the history of the construction and operation of CBF’s headquarters sited on the sandy shore of the Bay where the Bay Ridge Inn once stood. The building opened in 2001 and was the first structure in the world to earn the highest Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum rating.

Doug Myers followed with a Q&A session covering such diverse topics as the impact of silting at Conowingo Dam, sightings of dolphins in our area of the upper bay, what causes green scum to appear on the water’s surface, dead zones (areas of low amounts of oxygen) resulting in fish kills we see on the water and the impact of non-native invasive plants and fish. He also included a general overview of the condition of the Bay represented by the Foundation’s “2016 State of the Bay” health index of “C-“, the highest score in 18 years.

This event was designed to help us respond to questions from our guests regarding the health and condition of our waterways. The star of the show though were the water themed cupcakes made by Julie and Mai, two of our crew members. Decorated to invoke beach sand, blue water, fish, and – most notably – oysters; the cupcakes tasted as good as they looked!

Sun Sense with Annapolis Dermatology Center

Watermark captains, crew and maintenance personnel also attended a Sun Sense presentation by two Doctors from the Annapolis Dermatology Center on the effects that sun exposure has on our bodies. With the aid of power point slides and a short video, they emphasized the need to apply sun protection lotion, along with the need to reapply every 60 to 90 minutes. Most attendees took advantage of the free screening they provided, with advice for some to visit their dermatologist for a follow-up. Their message: working around water intensifies the harmful effects of sun exposure, even behind the glass in our wheelhouses. And their advice was clear: wear protective clothing, hats, apply and reapply lotion and get checked routinely by a dermatologist.

These gatherings are one of the perks of working at Watermark and a tool for enriching our guests’ experiences. Many of the meetings are held on our own boats….one of the best places in Annapolis or Baltimore to host a corporate event!