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The Annapolis Season Opens

Truth be told, Harbor Queen gave her first 40-minute cruise a couple days ago. Anyone in the vicinity of Annapolis City Dock surely heard the familiar sound of her horn this past Tuesday morning. Beginning this Saturday, Annapolitans can again start marking the start of the hour to the blasts of Queen's horn...daily cruises are back in season! On March 26th at 11 am Harbor Queen will kick off her 45th Season of Cruises in Annapolis.

Harbor Queen is the centerpiece of our maritime family. Visitors and school children, mostly fourth graders from as far away as Pennsylvania and Virginia, learn about the history of Annapolis, the state of Maryland, the US Naval Academy and the area’s maritime heritage during the 40-minute tour. From Annapolis to the entrance of the Chesapeake Bay, visitors hear about watermen, estuary life, Eastport and the Annapolis skyline as the tour concludes. New this year on Queen? Local Maryland Craft Beers at the River Run Bar!

Another sign the Watermark season is open in Annapolis...Colonials are back on the streets every day! When's the last time you took a Four Centuries Walking Tour? Have you toured the restored Old Senate Chamber inside the Maryland State House? Dust off your walking shoes and join a period dressed guide for a fun tour. Historic Ghost Walk starts up again in a couple weeks.

This might just be our favorite time of year as the weather turns and the city starts buzzing again. It's always fun to have our tour guides, Captains and crew members back to work! Grab your sunscreen folks, it's Spring!

Harbor Queen photo by Sabrina Raymond. Tour photo by Webster Wright.