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10 Reasons to Plan a Corporate Event for Clients

It’s not just a party…planning a corporate event for clients is a valuable tool for businesses. Whether you want to thank your clients, gain their feedback on a new product or service or foster a place for networking, a corporate event is a unique way to generate and maintain business. Here are 10 Reasons to Plan a Corporate Event for Clients:

  1. Client Entertaining. Show your clients how much you appreciate their business by hosting them at a nice event! Connecting with clients away from your email inbox and on a personal level shows the human side of your company. An atmosphere outside the office makes for a more informal setting and allows for open conversations.
  2. Nurturing Relationships. Entertain to impress! Forming a strong relationship with your client makes for a more productive and rewarding business relationship. Plus that client is more likely to become an advocate for your business. A nice event is perfect for generating buzz about your company.
  3. Pitching Customers. A unique and memorable event makes a great impression on existing clients and can generate new business leads. Inviting prospective clients to an event can entice their business while showing them what your company’s culture is all about.
  4. Customer Feedback. Use the time together with your clients to invite customer feedback. Place guests in smaller groups and have your employees travel table to table for Q&A time about the business. Asking your clients directly for feedback will show them you value their opinion and are always looking for ways to improve.
  5. Networking. When you bring people together in a nice venue with food and drinks, the networking happens organically! A client appreciation event is an opportunity for your clients to meet and network with your team and one another. They’ll thank you for the chance to expand their own professional contacts.
  6. Product Launch. Introduce a new product or service with a party! An event will generate more buzz for the launch. Bonus points for product samples if it’s something tangible and if it’s not, freebies or takeaways that inspire guests to look up the new service when they leave the event are key.
  7. Meet the Team. Put a face to the name! Use a corporate event as an opportunity to introduce your team to clients. They’ll appreciate an in-person meeting with the people they spend so much time interacting with. Business is conducted solely over email so often that it’s a treat to meet colleagues in person.
  8. Stand Out. Offering hospitality to your clients will help set your company apart amongst the competition. Customer service skills and client hospitality shows you’re committed to your clients and yours is the business making the extra effort. An event that shows off your company’s personality elevates this even more.
  9. Branding. A corporate event should reflect the hosting company’s brand. Use signage, colors, décor and attitude to show off your branding. Whether it’s your slogan emblazoned on the party favors or the style of the venue, guests should leave feeling like they attended a signature event and with a better understanding of your corporate culture.
  10. Employee Appreciation. Investing in a corporate affair for your clients benefits your employees too. They have the opportunity to reward their contacts and show off the company culture to the clients they work closely with. They’ll also appreciate knowing their employer is willing to invest in ways to show them off.

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Photos by Wendy Hickok Photography.