Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Watermark has built a solid reputation for delivering products in a unique and authentic way thanks to the help of our skilled event planners, tour guides, captains, and crew. Our organization seeks people who naturally generate warmth, friendliness, and kindness in addition to possessing the expert skills required for the positions we offer. Watermark hires for several seasonal and part-time positions throughout the year in both Annapolis and Baltimore. They include Captains, Crew, Bartenders, Tour Guides and Pirates.

Watermark focuses on hiring energetic, outgoing, customer-service driven individuals. We have a great family atmosphere and are looking for that in our employees. Our Vessel Operations team seeks individuals who have the capability to drive boats, tie up boats, serve drinks, or sell tickets. Experience is helpful, but not necessary for some positions. We have an incredible training program which includes Customer Service, Safety and Security training as well as CPR certification and first aid training. We do invest a lot into our team and are looking for people that would like to return and grow season after season.

Water Opportunities

Opportunities are available in Annapolis and Baltimore. Vessel Operations Employees are welcome to work in both cities and flexibility is greatly appreciated.

Seasonal Positions: Captains, Crew, Bartenders

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Full Time Position: Captain. Watermark is accepting applications for a full-time Captain. Great opportunity. Experience necessary. See the job description and instructions to apply (PDF).

Full-Time Position: Marine Technician. Watermark is accepting applications for a full-time, Marine Technician. Great opportunity. Experience necessary. See the job description and instructions to apply (PDF).

Land Opportunities

Tour guides, Ghost Tour guides and pirates work in Annapolis. There are occasional opportunities for tour guides in Baltimore. Cruise Narrators provide live interpretation on select cruises in Annapolis and Baltimore.

Seasonal Positions: Tour Guide, Ghost Tour Guide, Pirate, Cruise Narrator

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Opportunities Behind the Scenes

There are no current openings in our sales office. Please keep checking back if you are interested in joining our team full-time.

Completed applications may also be mailed to:

P.O. Box 3350
Annapolis, MD 21403

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a part of the Watermark team, please contact us at info@watermarkjourney.com.

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